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Sex Lives of College Girls s2

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“The Sex Lives of College Girls” Is Ready for its Hoe Phase!

Yay, we’re back! The girls of Suite 103 — Leighton, Kimberly, Bela and Whitney — have returned from their respective Thanksgiving breaks ready to complete their first semester at Essex. The trip home was fraught for Leighton: after coming out to Kimberly, she steps right back in the closet during the break. Leighton maintains the façade but, the moment she’s out of her father’s sight, she grimaces, clearly burdened by the weight of having to keep this secret.

The girls are all elated to see each other. When we first met them, it didn’t feel like we’d get here…to a space where they genuinely liked each other or where Bela felt comfortable enough to lounge around the common area in Leighton’s underwear…but here we are. Leighton comes bearing news: Nico’s been expelled — forced to go to Cornell (the horror!) and drive a new Audi — because of Kimberly exposing the Thetas’ cheating ring. Angry about the expulsions and the suspension of their charter, the remaining Thetas ban all the girls from attending their parties ever again.

With their preferred party venue nixed, Bela assesses the other options and determines that the Omegas are the next best (read: hottest) option. The girls pre-game at the dorm beforehand then rush out in only their bras and underwear to participate in “Essex’s oldest, non-racist, tradition, the annual Snow Run.” The girls run from the Quad to Fraternity Row and join the celebration at the Omega house. As she’s dancing with Kimberly, Leighton catches the eye of a girl across the room (it’s Tilda from Into the Badlands!) and she approaches, introduces herself (Sara) and asks for a dance. Kimberly is really trying to be the World’s Best Ally so she supplements her Pride balloon bouquet with being Leighton’s wing woman. She excuses herself from the dancefloor so Leighton won’t have a reason to say no to Sara’s invitation. But Leighton feels the eyes of everyone at the party on her and still declines Sara’s invite. It doesn’t really matter anyway because when the Omegas find out they’re the reason the Thetas’ charter is suspended, the girls are thrown out of the party and banished from Fraternity Row.

The next morning, Bela asks if Leighton chatted up any hotties at the parties. It’s the moment — the moment when she should come out — and Kimberly shoots Leighton a look, urging her to do it. Finally, Leighton bites the bullet and admits that she’s gay. Whitney’s surprised, Bela wants a hug and Kimberly pretends (badly) that she didn’t already know. They encourage Leighton to slide into the DMs of the girl she met at the party. She sends the DM and the girls all celebrate Leighton putting herself out there. It’s all just so cute and pure.

The DM worked because, the next thing you know, Sara and Leighton are kissing. Sara’s glad that Leighton sent that DM. Leighton turns Sara around, pushes her on the bed and seductively says, “By the time I leave here, you’ll be glad I did a lot of things.” Well, OKAY LEIGHTON…I mean, damn…

Afterwards, the couple does the walk of absolutely no shame through the quad. They run into Bela who immediately clocks that they just hooked up…which, of course, she does. Leighton tells Sara she’ll hit her up later and she leans in for a goodbye kiss. Sara does way, way too much — turning it into a full make-out sess that’s too much for anyone but especially Leighton — and, as they part ways, all I’m already convinced, we won’t be seeing Sara again.

A few days later, at the Bela-helmed Magic Mike fundraiser — an effort to get the girls back in good with the Thetas — Leighton spots Sara making out with someone new and wonders if she made a mistake. Thankfully, Kimberly’s teammate and fellow Sapphic, Willow, is there to talk some sense into her: Leighton’s one of the hottest queer girls on campus now and could have her pick of any girl at Essex. Leighton looks around, spots all the women salivating over her…and I think it’s safe to say: LET THE HOE PHASE COMMENCE!


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