The L Word

And I said “yes”

dani gigi207

Of lust, love and liquor

And boy, was this episode packed with all three of those! Contrary to what the episode title “Light” might imply, there were a lot of lesser light moments going on. Yet, against all expectation, one of those turned out to be the ultimate rescue buoy for the so called Tibette nation, that has come very close to “canceling Showtime altogether” over the past few weeks, as a reunion between Tina and Bette appeared to get further and further out of sight. This episode’s cliffhanger, however, provided all that was needed to infuse the hope of all Tibette hearts again. Did Carrie actually mean it when she, in her inebriated state, confided in Shane (or rather, mumbled) “I don’t think I can marry Tina!”? A renewed glance at IMDB right after it aired, showing that this would be the last episode we’ll see Carrie in, and Rosie herself having confirmed that earlier, took away the last doubts: Tibetters would get their endgame after all…

But wait, let’s back up a little here. What about that (minor?) detail of Bette finally having been able to sign Pippa with the gallery, and bringing her to the big charity event at Dana’s as her date? Should we just that easily dismiss all the obvious pros and signs of their coming together? Let’s refresh our memories and back up even more, all the way to episode 1, when Bette points out her “criteria” for a new love interest: “She needs to have kids of her own, not be married or straight, and have a career. She needs to be as passionate about her work as I am about mine.”

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