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epi.13Limb from Limb
Tina finds out about Candace; Marina dates Robin and phones Jenny; Shane’s patrons turn on her and Dana loses a friend and gains a fiancée while Kit tries to make sense of Ivan’s attention and her reaction to them.
As the opening of “Provocations” approaches, Bette succumbs to temptation with Candace (ION OVERMAN). Her situation grows more uncomfortable when Tina persuades Candace to do some work for the Headquarters for Social Justice project. They fight over it, and then Tina sees Bette with Candace and realizes what is going on.
Shane tries to let Clea down gently and suffers the wrath of a spoiled young woman. She watches her career break and her first real love perish in the wreckage as Cherie (ROSANNA ARQUETTE) sticks with her marriage. Dana suffers the loss of her beloved cat and turns to Tonya for love, much to Alice’s disgust. Kit, after Bette teases her about Ivan (KELLY LYNCH), begins to wonder if he/she really is in love with her.
At the Provocations opening, Jenny, on a date with Gene, comes face to face with Robin (ANNE RAMSAY) and Marina. Jenny’s confusion grows when she returns home with Gene and finds Robin waiting for her. She also finds a voice message from Marina. Her complex life may feed her writing but it is too much for Tim who wants a divorce.

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