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epi.10 Liberally 28-03-2004
An unexpected opportunity eases Tina’s grief while Bette defends the gallery against a right-wing attack. Shane’s relationship with her patrons gets complicated. Marina and Francesca fight and Jenny tries to help Tim.
Tina’s mourning for her unborn child worries Bette, who suggests she accept the chance to do some volunteer work. Bette is concerned but also preoccupied by the gallery’s battle with right-wing activist Fae Buckley (HELEN SHAVER). Unexpectedly, it is Tina’s work that turns up the most useful ammunition.
Kit stays sober and begins to re-launch her career with help from musician/producer Slim Daddy (SNOOP DOGG).
Marina’s relationship with Francesca (LOLITA DAVIDOVICH) begins to show the strain of dependency while Shane’s career plans leave her dependent on patrons Steve and Cherie (ROSANNA ARQUETTE), who put very conflicting demands on her time and emotions.
Alice thinks she might be pregnant by Lisa (DEVON GUMMERSALL) and Shane suggests an odd, but insightful solution. Both lonely, Dana and Jenny try to console each other and become friends while Jenny tries to stop Tim from making a serious error.

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