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NEDERLANDS UITLEG voor de nieuwe aanwas familieleden.

Season 1 premiered in the United States on January 18, 2004, on Showtime and featured 13 episodes presenting several entwined story lines. Set in West Hollywood, the series first introduces Bette Porter and Tina Kennard, a couple with a seven-year relationship who want to have a child. Tina eventually becomes pregnant through artificial insemination but has a miscarriage during episode 1.09: Luck, next time. Later in the series, Bette develops an affair with Candace Jewell.

The pilot introduced a coming out/love triangle storyline involving Tina and Bette’s neighbor, Tim Haspel, his new-in-town girlfriend, Jenny Schecter, and Marina Ferrer. Marina is part of Tina and Bette’s circle of friends, and owns the neighborhood café, The Planet, which serves as the group's hang-out and focal point for the show. The season also introduces Shane McCutcheon, an androgynous, highly-sexual hairstylist and serial heart-breaker; Alice Pieszecki, a girly, bisexual journalist looking for love in any way she can, and Dana Fairbanks, a professional tennis player who is still in the closet and torn between pursuing her career and finding love. In the first season, Dana falls for a sous chef named Lara Perkins whose sexuality is questioned by the group until Lara has an unexpected meeting with Dana in the locker room. At the end of the season, Tina sees Bette and Candace touching hands and speaking intimately and immediately guesses about their affair. Tina and Bette break up, with Tina living at Alice's and Bette stays in their home.

original cast The L Word season 1

The L Word volgt het leven van een groep lesbische vriendinnen in West Hollywood. De serie focust op hun liefdesleven en hun onderlinge vriendschap en lijkt in die zin op series als Friends en Sex and the City. Het is echter de eerste televisieserie met zo veel vaste lesbische personages wier seksleven bovendien nietsverhullend in beeld wordt gebracht.

De verschillende hoofdpersonages vertegenwoordigen elk een bepaald ‘type’ lesbienne. Bette Porter (Beals) en Tina Kennard (Holloman) hebben een vaste relatie en proberen via KI een kind te krijgen. Bette is directeur van een museum en zorgt voor het gezinsinkomen, terwijl Tina haar baan heeft opgezegd en zich voorbereidt op het moederschap. Shane McCutcheon (Moennig) is een echte 'womanizer': een androgyne schoonheid die vele vrouwen het hoofd op hol brengt en evenveel harten breekt, omdat ze zich niet durft te binden. Dana Fairbanks (Daniels) is een toptennisster die nog niet publiekelijk uit de kast is gekomen uit angst haar sponsors te verliezen. Ze heeft weinig ervaring met relaties en is daarin erg onhandig. Alice Pieszecki (Hailey) is biseksueel, journalist en de spil van de groep. Tot slot heeft Jenny Schecter (Kirshner) pas ontdekt dat ze ook iets voor vrouwen voelt en twijfelt over haar geaardheid.

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PILOT Premieredatum: 18-01-2004

EARTHLINGS Bette Porter and Tina Kennard have been a couple for seven years and want to start a family. Their next-door neighbor, Tim Haspel, is about to form a couple when his girlfriend, talented young writer Jenny Schecter, moves in. Soon, mixing with Bette and Tina's circle of lesbian friends, Jenny learns that her mid-west university may not have prepared her for what she will learn about life, lust and love in Los Angeles.

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Let's Do It
Bette and Tina wait eagerly to see if Tina will get pregnant. Tim, unaware of her encounter with Jenny, invites Marina to a dinner party, outraging Bette and, once more, Kit tries to make amends.
Tina overcomes her concerns about a black donor and she and Bette decide to try for a pregnancy. Tim, excited that he and Jenny are engaged, plans a dinner party. When he runs into Marina, he invites her. He neglects, however, to mention it to Jenny, who finds Marina’s presence unnerving. When Bette sees Marina and Jenny together, she is outraged but Tina says she is being too judgmental.
Alice has stumbled onto a discovery. A matrix of sexual encounters — some fleeting, some long, some enduring — seem to link the entire lesbian community, and parts of the straight one. This knowledge does nothing to protect her against the return of an old but unkind lover, Gabby (GUINEVERE TURNER) or stop Lacey (TAMMY LYNN MICHAELS) from stalking Shane.
With an important endorsement in the works, Dana is excited. She also has her eye on Lara, the sous chef at the country club, but is afraid to make a move in case Lara is straight. Alice, Shane, Bette and Tina try a series of tests but declare the results inconclusive. A desperate Dana will have to find out for herself.

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epi.3 Longing 01-02-2004
Bette engages in a battle of wills with the chairman of the gallery board and takes a desperate step; Jenny struggles with her feelings for Marina; Alice tries to regain her self-respect and Dana finally gets a date.
Bette’s career is in danger as she and the chairman of the gallery board disagree over the gallery’s next show. Bette wants something new and exciting. The chairman wants the tried and true. Opting for excellence over safety, Bette tries to circumvent his decision by making a direct approach to Peggy Peabody (HOLLAND TAYLOR), the owner of an avant-garde collection.
Jenny is under increasing stress as she tries to deny the strength of her feelings for Marina. Under the pressure, she quarrels with Tim. Alice renews her relationship with Gabby (GUINEVERE TURNER), an ex-lover who hurt her in the past. Her friends try to dissuade her but she must learn to value herself without their help. Lacey (TAMMY LYNN MICHAELS) continues to harass Shane.
Dana is in seventh heaven when she finally makes a dinner date with Lara.

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epi.4 Lies,lies,lies 08-02-2004
Bette greets Tina’s pregnancy with apparent delight despite her work problems; Jenny’s relationship with Marina endangers her life with Tim; Dana’s insecurity continues and Alice’s mother problems escalate.
Lies, large and small, haunt everyone. Tim and Jenny’s relationship is under pressure. She is hiding her affair with Marina and he senses something is wrong. He thinks she may be involved with her ex-professor, ex-lover, Nick Barashkov (JULIAN SANDS). Nick’s real interest is professional; Jenny wrote a happily-ever-after story and he says it stinks, pushing Jenny to re-consider her attraction to Marina, her commitment to Tim, and where to go with her writing.
Tina is finally pregnant but Bette’s joy is tempered by not being the first to know and by her on-going battle with the museum chairman. It will take a miracle in the form of Peggy Peabody (HOLLAND TAYLOR) to overcome his manoeuvring and keep her job. Alice is both sympathetic to and appalled by her mother’s (ANNE ARCHER) pretences and considers taking up with men — especially Lisa (DEVON GUMMERSALL), a sensitive male lesbian. Dana’s insecurities threaten her now love.

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epi.5 Lawfully 15-02-2004
Tim catches Jenny with Marina and he and Jenny marry in haste; he is distrustful and she is desperate. When Bette announces Tina’s pregnancy to her father, his reaction dismays her. Hurt that he avoided her, Kit offers little comfort.
Tim comes home to find Jenny and Marina making love. He storms off and is in a rage by the time Jenny catches up to him. Tim forces her to confront Marina, then drives her to Tahoe where they go through a hasty marriage ceremony. A disastrous wedding night follows.
Bette and Tina go to dinner with Bette’s father, Melvin (OSSIE DAVIS) whose reaction to Tina’s pregnancy distresses Bette. Kit, already stung by her son’s curt note, is upset to learn of her father’s visit. It puts more pressure on her relationship with Bette. While Alice tries to sort out problems with her mother (ANNE ARCHER), Dana, still afraid to be a known lesbian, hurts Lara and begs forgiveness.

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epi.6 Losing it 22-02-2004
A rising artist in New York tests Bette’s commitment while the sperm donor’s girlfriend discovers a lonely Tina and starts harassing her. Tim returns home alone and Jenny gets a ride from two disaffected teenagers.
Bette flies to New York for an art opening and nearly falls into a sexual encounter with a rising artist (LISA GAY HAMILTON). Tina, suffering extreme morning sickness, remains home where she encounters their sperm donor and his volatile girlfriend. The woman begins threatening her. Unable to reach Bette, Tina turns to their friends for help.
Tim returns home with raw emotions. Although he can barely contain his rage, he becomes apprehensive when Jenny checks out of the Tahoe motel and vanishes. He confronts Nick (JULIAN SANDS) but she is not with him. Alone, Jenny hitches a ride with two seriously drugged teens and ends up a very long way from home.

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epi.7 L'Ennui 29-02-2004
Relationships can be painful. Tim rejects Jenny. Marina doesn’t but has another lover. Bette struggles with her fears about parenthood while Dana runs from her fears and from Lara. Kit is stung when her son doesn’t show up for their meeting.
Their friends stun Bette and Tina with the accusation that impending parenthood is making them boring. While Tina shrugs it off, Bette fears it may be true. Kit’s attempts to reconcile with her son David amply demonstrate the pain a parent can experience.
Jenny returns and tries to mend her bridges but an angry Tim throws her out. Distraught, she turns to Marina who welcomes her with open arms but soon makes it clear their relationship is temporary. Learning that Marina has a long-term lover, Francesca (LOLITA DAVIDOVICH) shatters Jenny and leaves her homeless.
Dana, with a big sponsorship on the line, gives in to her fears and rejects Lara while Alice gets a morality lesson when she messes with a lesbian man’s deepest feelings; Lisa is played by DEVON GUMMERSALL.

Definition - L'Ennui: Listlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest; boredom; a feeling of weariness and disgust; dullness and languor of spirits, arising from satiety or want of interest; tedium; the feeling of being bored by something tedious.

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epi.8 Listen Up 14-03-2004
Identities, sexual and other, are in question as Jenny tries to explain her situation to her one-time roommate, Dana comes out to her right-wing parents, and Bette begins to consider her own self-image.
Trying to explain her affair with Marina to her visiting college roommate starts Jenny wondering about her sexual identity. Is she attracted to women, or only to Marina? Marina and Francesca (LOLITA DAVIDOVICH) have problems, too.
Bette and Tina join a parenting group, where an encounter with an African-American poet forces Bette to consider how she defines herself and how her relationship with Tina has changed over seven years.
Dana faces the most painful identity issue of all as she prepares to tell her ultra-conservative parents that she is a lesbian — a very public lesbian, thanks to a new advertising campaign.

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epi.9 Luck, Next Time 21-03-2004
Bette faces serious personal and professional problems. Dana starts to find herself while fame — with complications — finds Shane. Alice just finds complications. Jenny is in turmoil and Kit is rehearsing for Slim Daddy’s video. SNOOP DOGG appears as Slim.
While Kit struggles with a tough dance routine for a music video produced by Slim Daddy (SNOOP DOGG), Bette struggles with Fae Buckley (HELEN SHAVER), a right wing activist who accuses her of mounting an obscene exhibit. She is under pressure but Tina’s problem is even more serious.
Jenny goes to dinner with Marina and Francesca (LOLITA DAVIDOVICH) but the evening is a disaster. More confused than ever, she finds solace with Tim. The next morning, he turns on her.
Alice decides her relationship with Lisa (DEVON GUMMERSALL) is too complex. Dana, emerging from her depression, ditches a straight guy and Alice promptly picks him up. Shane gets a chance to do a power woman’s hair (ROSANNA ARQUETTE) and finds she is suddenly in demand for more than just hairdressing.

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epi.10 Liberally 28-03-2004
An unexpected opportunity eases Tina’s grief while Bette defends the gallery against a right-wing attack. Shane’s relationship with her patrons gets complicated. Marina and Francesca fight and Jenny tries to help Tim.
Tina’s mourning for her unborn child worries Bette, who suggests she accept the chance to do some volunteer work. Bette is concerned but also preoccupied by the gallery’s battle with right-wing activist Fae Buckley (HELEN SHAVER). Unexpectedly, it is Tina’s work that turns up the most useful ammunition.
Kit stays sober and begins to re-launch her career with help from musician/producer Slim Daddy (SNOOP DOGG).
Marina’s relationship with Francesca (LOLITA DAVIDOVICH) begins to show the strain of dependency while Shane’s career plans leave her dependent on patrons Steve and Cherie (ROSANNA ARQUETTE), who put very conflicting demands on her time and emotions.
Alice thinks she might be pregnant by Lisa (DEVON GUMMERSALL) and Shane suggests an odd, but insightful solution. Both lonely, Dana and Jenny try to console each other and become friends while Jenny tries to stop Tim from making a serious error.

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epi.11 Looking Back 04-04-2004
A near-riot at the art gallery lands Bette, Dana, Shane, and Alice in the L.A. county jail, which puts Bette in dangerous proximity to Candace when they share a cell together. Meanwhile, Kit meets Ivan, an auto mechanic and ultra-butch drag king that she finds herself strangely attracted to. Marina contemplates life without Francesca, and beings to flirt with Robin, knowing that she has a dinner date with Jenny. While attending the local aquarium for working on her new book, Jenny meets an attractive marine biologist named Gene, whom she too asks out. As Tim and Jenny...

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epi.12 Locked Up 11-04-2004
A near-riot at the gallery lands Bette and her friends in jail, putting Bette in dangerous proximity to Candace. Shane’s relationships grow more convoluted; Kit meets Ivan, a drag king; Marina contemplates life without Francesca and Tim and Jenny discuss divorce.
Protestors surround the gallery and friends join Bette to try to protect the arriving artwork. Breaking up a near-riot, police arrest the women. Bette’s struggle with temptation gets more difficult when she shares a cell with Candace (ION OVERMAN).
Marina admits she does not miss Francesca but does want to keep The Planet as she prepares for a Drag King night that introduces Kit to a new and unexpected admirer, Ivan (KELLY LYNCH). Shane gently but firmly spurns young Clea’s advances then waits in vain for Cherie (ROSANNA ARQUETTE). Tim and Jenny contemplate a friendly divorce. Jenny, attracted to both Robin (ANNE RAMSAY) and Gene, struggles with her sexuality while Marina makes a move on Robin.

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epi.13Limb from Limb
Tina finds out about Candace; Marina dates Robin and phones Jenny; Shane’s patrons turn on her and Dana loses a friend and gains a fiancée while Kit tries to make sense of Ivan’s attention and her reaction to them.
As the opening of “Provocations” approaches, Bette succumbs to temptation with Candace (ION OVERMAN). Her situation grows more uncomfortable when Tina persuades Candace to do some work for the Headquarters for Social Justice project. They fight over it, and then Tina sees Bette with Candace and realizes what is going on.
Shane tries to let Clea down gently and suffers the wrath of a spoiled young woman. She watches her career break and her first real love perish in the wreckage as Cherie (ROSANNA ARQUETTE) sticks with her marriage. Dana suffers the loss of her beloved cat and turns to Tonya for love, much to Alice’s disgust. Kit, after Bette teases her about Ivan (KELLY LYNCH), begins to wonder if he/she really is in love with her.
At the Provocations opening, Jenny, on a date with Gene, comes face to face with Robin (ANNE RAMSAY) and Marina. Jenny’s confusion grows when she returns home with Gene and finds Robin waiting for her. She also finds a voice message from Marina. Her complex life may feed her writing but it is too much for Tim who wants a divorce.

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