Below Deck star Captain Sandy Yawn fires ‘intolerable’ Alissa Humber for ‘not respecting hierarchy’ after awkward slip-up

Another one bites the dust on Below Deck as Captain Sandy Yawn fires ‘disrespectful’ Alissa Humber in tonight’s episode.

Tensions have been building between the interior crew for weeks, resulting in Camille Lamb being sacked earlier in season 10.

However, after Captain Sandy, who briefly replaced Captain Lee on board, overheard the stewardess criticizing her leadership and suggesting that she favored the deck team, she decided that enough was enough.

At the very end of last week’s controversial instalment – where she slammed chief stew Fraser Olender as a ‘cancer’ – she called bosun Ross McHarg to be a witness.

Picking up right where the cliffhanger left off, Captain Sandy is seen laying down the law to her employee, explaining: ‘Alissa, when you said, “Yes, Sandy, I mean Captain”, that was the f**k you in my face.

‘No matter what job you work in, respect for hierarchy is a must. I’m letting you go.

Alissa HumberAlissa Humber

‘Ross, I need you to escort her off the boat. You can leave now.’

Without arguing her case, Alissa simply thanks the Captain and leaves the wheelhouse.

‘That is so funny,’ she says while making her way down to her cabin, before telling her colleagues of the news, vowing: ‘I can’t be even upset about it because I really didn’t do anything.’

While packing up her belongings, she refers to the vibe on board as a ‘quite a dictatorship’, before adding to the camera: ‘I do feel like I’m a scapegoat. I’m the only person that had the balls to speak up and defend our team, besides Fraser.

‘It’s impossible to replace Fraser so she had to get the next best thing, and that’s me.’

Captain Sandy then sits the interior team down to discuss her decision, emphasizing that it is about Alissa’s lack of ‘respect’ for her.

Captain Sandy has sparked huge backlash over recent comments (Picture: Bravo)Captain Sandy has sparked huge backlash over recent comments (Picture: Bravo)

‘It’s about a respect. Your personal opinion is your opinion but you have to respect the hierarchy and the position,’ she insists.

‘I don’t like malicious gossip, it starts to infect the vessel. I guarantee you, you’ll have lighter steps, you won’t have that chatter.

‘I know together you will kill this charter.’

She later tells chef Rachel Hargrove: ‘The insubordination from her and the lack of respect for my position is intolerable.’

Will Captain Sandy come to regret her decision? Or will the interior team manage to pull together and rescue the season.


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